Virtual Classrooms

KnovaMind when designing it's curriculum and selecting it's faculty recognized the importance of providing the most informative and beneficial material for the subjects covered.

Significantly our material is provided in the most accessible, interesting, stimulative and fun way. To this end KnovaMind has developed an interactive audiovisual format for it'd educational content as well as other products such as newsletters. Their teachings are not from a fad or a machine our coaches have been there and experienced what they teach utilizing the latest technology. Our coaches are used to all market types, conditions and trader personalities

It is said that incredibly over 80 percent of traders and investor's lose money! The key to success is being part of the winning 20%. Everyone has a different personality, as such techniques or methods that work for others may not work for you. To be sure when you are approaching your trading the correct way take advice and guidance from the proven. KnovaWave's Technical Analysts and Trader coaches. 

The KnovaWave method has been developed over years of experience that has involved many years of trading and studying, learning what works and what doesn't.