Trendlines & Channels

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Trendlines & Channels


Since trading with the trend is essential to exploiting the trend component of market price action, successful systems and approaches employ some method of identifying trend. Successful traders use a method that gives them a statistical edge. This edge must come from the tendency of commodity and stock prices to trend. In the long term you can make money only by trading in synch with these trends.

Jake Bernstein in, The Four Cardinal Principles of Trading: "Of all the common market principles, I put 'Trade With The Trend' at the very top. It's a lesson I've had to learn and relearn practically every year. All traders have the tools to find trends. That's what makes it especially frustrating when we go contrary to the trend or when we try to pick tops and bottoms."

Basic Trend Lines
How to trade with Trend Lines
Identify the time frame
Trade the Trend
Trend Indicators and Price Components
Directional Movement
Combination Indicator
Basic Trend Channels
How to trade Trend Channels

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