Gann Theory - Trading With Cycles


Gann Theory - Trading With Cycles


Cycles are Natures way of doing business. We will learn how Gann ties cycles way back to the Bible and we learnt the planetary impact on time and cycles. Simply everything in our universe vibrates as a result our senses and sensitive electronics pick up these oscillations. This spirit energy combines with other cycles to form all that we know. Therefore everything is the same but of different scale or octaves. Do you get the gist; we see the fractals in the markets, in human behavior as shown in price patterns.

Within cycles there exists deviation to cause change. If not, there would be no growth or evolution and devolution. The causal element of cycles is not being discussed here. That's like talking about religion or politics. What is important is their effect on us whether assumed or real.

Different Perspective – Cycles
Components of cycles
Trading strategies
Trading with Planetary cycles
Hard aspects
Soft aspects
The important aspects
The Spiral Calendar
On Calendars
Why 1987?
Return of the 58-Year Panic Cycle
Gann: Biblical Historical Overtones

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