Elliottwave & Fibonacci in Your Trading Plan

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Elliottwave & Fibonacci in Your Trading Plan


Through the KnovaWave Plus* course we introduced Fibonacci ratios to help control your wave analysis. In Elliott Wave Theory - Patterns Plus* we learnt that Wave Analysis works on a theory of reflexivity - that is all waves in some way are reflecting another wave. In that course you learnt to utilize those ratios to help you in the correct pattern determination. From that basis you are able to project realistic targets. This pattern of analysis we teach at KnovaWave enables a 'checks and balances' approach. Namely you then 'check' that you have indeed defined the wave count correctly and you have distinguished different scenarios in a 'balanced' analysis.

We learnt in part one, Elliott Wave Theory & Fibonacci that the Fibonacci series are a mathematical sequence in which any number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. They can be applied both to price and time, although it is more common to use them on prices.

This is a critical component in all your trading - you will learn why we apply 'Nature's Design' in understanding the Market's rhythm.

The Fibonacci series are a mathematical sequence in which any number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Fibonacci himself was an Italian mathematician who discovered the formulae in nature.

Fibonacci projections and retracements are, by simple definition: using known ranges or swings in the market that have already happened (high and low pivots) and then multiplying that range by known Fibonacci ratios then adding or subtracting that (total range) to or from those pivots. Then using those projections and past ranges in an attempt to predict where the market could go to and stop in the near future by plotting areas where there is a higher number of projections and retracements falling in one area.

Fibonacci – a key element of your plan

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Material & Virtual Classroom

Types of Fibonacci Price projections

Fibonacci Support and Resistance
Utilizing Fibonacci Support and Resistance
Market Symmetry
Using Fibonacci in determining Wave direction
Wave Targets
Fibonacci Arcs
Fibonacci Fan Lines
Fibonacci Retracements
Fibonacci Time Zones
Placing Stops for Fibonacci Price Analysis

Analyzing Fibonacci relationships between price movements is very important for several reasons. In building a plan Fibonacci no doubt is in there somewhere, it makes up only a small part of the whole equation of market geometry. We teach you this through our unique accessable audio/visual interactive format that keeps you right there with our educators and material.

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