ElliottWave & Fibonacci: A foundation

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ElliottWave & Fibonacci: A foundation


We introduced Fibonacci ratios to help control your wave analysis. In Elliott Wave Theory - Patterns Plus* we learnt that Wave Analysis works on a theory of reflexivity - that is all waves in some way are reflecting another wave. In that course you learnt to utilize those ratios to help you in the correct pattern determination. From that basis you are able to project realistic targets. This pattern of analysis we teach at KnovaWave enables a 'checks and balances' approach. Namely you then 'check' that you have indeed defined the wave count correctly and you have distinguished different scenarios in a 'balanced' analysis.

We approach these ratios and their development in more depth in our Fibonacci capsules, which are of two parts. This is the Foundation and we teach you how all this works in nature, how something that is so seemingly unbelievable has basis in everyday occurrences and is indeed an essential component of any trading plan. This is a critical component in all your trading - you will learn why we apply 'Nature's Design' in understanding the Market's rhythm.

The Fibonacci series are a mathematical sequence in which any number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Fibonacci himself was an Italian mathematician who discovered the formulae in nature.

Course content includes;

Who was Fibonacci
Fibonacci's Rabbits
Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Number
Fibonacci Ratios: Nature's Own Mathematics
The fractal
The rational answer is the irrationals!
Market Symmetry

Analyzing Fibonacci relationships between price movements is very important for several reasons. In building a plan Fibonacci no doubt is in there somewhere, it makes up only a small part of the whole equation of market geometry. We teach you this through our unique accessable audio/visual interactive format that keeps you right there with our educators and material.

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