Elliott Wave Theory - Advanced Impulse Recognition

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Elliott Wave Theory - Advanced Impulse Recognition


As you become more comfortable with Elliott Wave Theory you will begin to develop a greater awareness of the markets and their possibilities. In the Advanced impulse wave course we learn just how crucial it is to be on them, how the patterns set up and what to look for. In Elliott Wave Theory - Studies of Crowds we discuss crowds, their affects and how to gauge them. Timing is key when it comes to trading, to evaluate when to run with the crowd and when to avoid them is a key to this timing. Then once you've identified the wave pattern, how do you know how long it will last? All this is part of crowd or herd recognition.

In an audio/visual interactive format among what we teach you includes;


  • Impulse patterns occur in waves 1, 3, 5 and in waves A and C of a correction( this correction could be a wave 2, 4 or a wave B, D, E or wave X).
    The internal structure of these waves is 5-3-5-3-5. Note that the mentioned 3s are corrective waves, which should be composed of 5 waves in a corrective triangle.

The most important rules and guidelines of impulse waves;


  • Wave Extensions
    Diagonal triangles
    Failure or Truncated 5th


Remember the opportunities available in the correct recognition of impulse waves. A course not to be missed for the trader or investor looking to guage and be effective and profitable with THE BIG MOVES.

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