Personality Profiling

You must know who you are and enjoy what you are doing

  1. What makes you tick?
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. What causes stress in your life?
  4. What are your passions?
  5. Are you Progressive?
  6. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  7. What are your Priorities?
  8. What are you values?
  9. Who are you?

We believe that life is too short to live in a state of flux, a state of confusion and chaos. Therefore, we focus on goal setting so that you can set your sights on what you want to achieve. Without direction or goals, most people spend their lives searching for something, but not knowing what, and never finding it - the ever winding road!

Who Are You?

A balancing Act

To achieve what you want to achieve of the first things we need to do is ask yourself who am I? At KnovaMind we seek to optimize your Quality of Life and therefore your happiness. The establishment of KnovaLife is to fulfill these priorities. Life is a balancing act, and we have designed all components of KnovaLife with that in mind - it is understanding the interplay of all aspects of our lives that enable us to maximize our goals and dreams.

Our first goal is attaining balance, and secondly keeping that balance in your life to enable you to be on a journey of a fulfilling life. Initially we must recognize that we are all different, that we have an individuality that makes us who we are.Next step is we need to know who we are, knowing that comes an objective understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and our balances and counter-balances. We have developed a series of capsules in personality recognition and development for this purpose. These capsules are coordinated with the Knovacology curriculum.

KnovaLife Personality Recognition

  • Financial Personalities
  • Dieting Personalities
  • Environmental Personalities
  • Personality of Dreams

Financial Personalities

  • How much money will it take to make you happy?
  • Have you ever considered how you will know when you have enough?

Well, your personality type is very indicative of the amount of money that will make you happy. The following categories of personality types for financial matters may help you to consider what you need or want to be happy.

First, are those people who have a definite and specific dollar figure in mind. When they reach that target, then they would be happy. They have usually designated how the money will work for them as they reach their target and financial goal.

Next are the people who said that an actual dollar figure wasn’t their goal. They would rather be able to grow their finances progressively to be able to purchase successively nicer things, consistently, over time. This type of personality also is interested in developing and refining their financial skills including investing, saving, bargain hunting, etc.

Thirdly, there are people who have generally given up on counting money or figuring out how much will be enough because they are unable to see a time in their lives when they could realistically have enough money. They tend to feel that it is better not to even think about it or want it because it is unattainable.

Then there is the group of people who are not focused on money at all. They tend to feel that their relationships with people are more important that money. They also tend to believe that money comes and goes, but the relationships that you forge over a lifetime will last forever.

Finding out your personality type and financial personality type can be crucial in attaining your goals. We will delve into your personality to give you additional knowledge about yourself that you may have chosen to ignore or may not have been aware of. Looking into both the good and bad tendencies for each personality type can produce a world of help in eliminating disruptive and negative behaviors enabling one to focus on the positive and effective behaviors that will enhance all aspects of life.

Dieting Personalities

Interestingly, the effectiveness of dieting depends on your personality. In fact, you actually have a diet personality that fits in with your overall personality. If they are kept in conjunction with one another, you may open the door to attaining your goals in fitness, weight, health, finance, etc. By trying a diet that suits your personality, you may achieve results that you may not have ever seen because it fits your psyche.

Three of the main diet category types are:

  1. Low Calorie diets
  2. Low Carbohydrate diets
  3. Low Fat diets

Low Calorie diets, Low Carbohydrate diets, and Low Fat diets. Each of these diets is better suited for some and not others. The trick is to figure out which may be best for you by identifying your personality characteristics and how they affect your dieting characteristics. Your stress characteristics are also a valuable tool in assessing which type of diet is better to your individual needs.

Types of personalities:

  1. No foods that incite cravings. Likes all foods.
  2. Chocoholic- Excessive cravings for anything chocolate.
  3. Grease eaters. Tends to eat greasy foods and starches such as Fried chicken, Hamburgers, and fast food in general. Not prone to sweet cravings as much.
  4. Any foods can incite cravings. Generally eats when bored.
  5. Salts and Snacks eater. Salted nuts, and chips, etc. Tends to find comfort in food.