KnovaWave Methodology

The KnovaWave method has been developed over years of experience that has involved many years of trading, studying, learning what works and what doesn't. We have identified ten key components of our methodology, all are covered throughout our educational curriculum and have professional coaching and mentoring services available to allow traders and investors to master each concept. 

KnovaWave components are:

  1. Pivot analysis and market psychology around inflexion points.
  2. Pattern recognition reading the probability of future price action.
  3. KnovaWave Gann method in evaluating time and price and market cycles.
  4. Median lines using Andrews/Babson techniques with KnovaWave Medians.
  5. Fibonacci Techniques using mathematical repetition and prediction.
  6. Elliott Wave Analysis in determining medium term and intraday analysis of inflexion waves.
  7. Murrey Math Trading Range retracement and extension for evaluating turning points or reversal days.
  8. Bifurcation to recognize market alternatives, possibilities and opportunities.
  9. Ichimoku Clouds sequencing with KnovaWave Reversal Methodology to recognize and profit from change.
  10. 80/20 Putting it together - having a truly profitable and disciplined trading plan.