The science behind maximum effort

  • Objective measure
  • Essential bit of human capacity
  • inharmonious development
  • An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete - firebreather


  • Grassroots movement
  • Always lead with integrity - thats where the community starts

Give identity

A daily shared struggle to survive

Communities - especially  face to face have a lot higher chance of survival rate than new businesses
A product to believe in

Based on Freedom and accountability

Freedom to scale

Bound by a social contract
Put name and results on  board

Measurable Observable Repeatable


  • Never show submission or surrender
  • Members - level 1 level 2 ...
  • Its a lifestyle --- a good lifestyle
  • Who am I , why am I here, what defines me, what will people remember me for etc
  • Researching for the truth not what someone else thinks
  • My responsibility to use my gifts and talents as best I can, to succeed and perform  to the utmost of my ability.
  • Not for personal glory or to feed an expanding ego.

Physics meets the soul

  • Take away emotional pressure that locks up people
  • Don't care about celebrity branding
  • inspiration is a stronger, fitter, secure version of themselves
  • Be a better version of yourself


  • How you do anything is how you do everything
  • Fulfill your potential and have fun doing it
  • Delta - the willingness to get comfortable with discomfort - is the only thing that will really make a difference
  • Aura of quality
  • Cognitive dissonance
  • The more chaos going on around you the more calmer you are and the more focused and calmer you are

Structure and functionality

  • Banish Regret
  • Sacrifice demands purity it isn't worth as much without it (why people get mad about PEDs - cheating)
  • Doping destroys the purity of the event
  • Physical presence matters
  • Catalyze  reactions to pull support
  • People care about being loved and supported in their OWN goals