KnovaMind is a leading multi dimensional advisory service founded by Professional Traders and Athletes to enhance the quality of life. In essence we aim to see you happy, productive, and enjoying the pursuit of your dreams. With KnovaMind your successes, productivity, and longevity will increase whilst easing the stressful components of modern life. KnovaMind is dedicated to all walks of life.

KnovaMind takes a global view on lifestyle as it does the markets. That is why we at KnovaMind place so much emphasis on psychology. The first step is recognizing all people are different; you are the result of your individual environment and experiences. It is apparent to the founders of KnovaMind that the quality of life is compromised, if not totally diluted, by many high stress occupations – not just trading.

Let us address trading first. A common cycle is the trader failing or at best not achieving his/her personal optimum or whilst succeeding not improving their quality of life. We live in an environ of Chaos and without all the crucial areas covered in your life and being complementary to one another you are limited to an unhappy if not unprofitable existence.

For the self-directed trader KnovaMind provides market insight, intelligence, education, trading ideas, and strategies. KnovaMind has a truly global perspective being founded by traders from Stocks, futures and Forex markets with expertise in market psychology. Our services are delivered through a range of Newsletters, Market Research Reports, and Live Chat Rooms

We have segmented KnovaMind into two halves; one has been structured to allow a solid profitable basis for a successful trading career, the roots of the tree if you will (KnovaWave and KnovaMarkets). The other half has been structured to allow everyone in modern society to improve their quality of life, for this we need to have a solid basis and health in our life (KnovaLife), the buttress of the tree. Furthermore we need to address the psychological aspects of our lives. For this we have developed a new science for the chaos of the modern world, Knovacology.

These spheres are all interrelated and co-dependent.

Our Story